Maria Elvira Salazar has been in office
[DateCounter startDate="2021-01-03" endDate="now" format="Days"] days
without opening a district office.

Where has Maria Elvira Salazar been since her election?

On Fox News and Twitter peddling radical right-wing talking points. 

Voting against Trump’s impeachment–even after he incited an armed insurrection. 

Salazar promised to open a jobs center in her district office. But in the midst of an economic and public health crisis, she’s curried favor with Trump Republicans instead of delivering for us.

Here in Miami-Dade County, we’ve had a tough year. We deserve representatives who are committed to open, honest, and responsive government. We deserve representatives who are committed to delivering real relief and tackling our most pressing issues. 

It’s time to hold Maria Elvira Salazar accountable. Join our team today to hold Maria accountable and expand our House Democratic majority.