Donna Shalala calls on Maria Elvira Salazar to Denounce Donald Trump’s Fear- Mongering Rhetoric and Racist Ad

November 2, 2018
Maria Casado, (786) 543 9385,

MIAMI, FL–In the last 36 hours, Maria Elvira Salazar confirmed once again that no matter how moderate she claims to be, she consistently falls right back in line with Trump’s extremist, anti-immigrant agenda.

Most recently, Donald Trump tweeted a racist, fear-mongering ad intended to stoke anti-immigrant fear and hatred. Later, the president announced executive action surrounding unsubstantiated claims about those seeking a better life for themselves and their families at our southern border.

On both occasions, Maria Elvira Salazar remained conspicuously silent, even while other Florida Republicans denounce Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric, which can lead to dangerous consequences.

“Maria, will you finally denounce President Trump’s dangerous rhetoric, and for once stick by that denunciation?” asks Donna Shalala. “Miami is a community of immigrants, part of a nation of immigrants, and I will fight in Congress and stand up to Trump and his Republican enablers when they try to challenge that.”

Salazar’s silence follows her attempts yesterday to redefine American citizenship, Salazar joined Donald Trump in questioning whether children born in the United States to non-citizen parents are citizens.