Donna Shalala for Congress Campaign Launches Spanish-Language Ad “La animadora de Trump”

October 9, 2018
Mike Hernandez, 305-332-0754

María “Bravo Trump” Salazar is Donald Trump’s Biggest Cheerleader

Miami, FL – Donna Shalala for Congress’ most recent ad “La animadora de Trump”, in English, “The Trump Cheerleader,” highlights Republican Maria Elvira Salazar’s admiration for Donald Trump, is set to air exclusively on Spanish-language television.

Salazar claims to be a moderate, but regularly sides with Trump and his Republican enablers. Salazar’s hypocritical claims are highlighted throughout the advertisement, with screenshots from Salazar’s official Twitter account where she writes the phrase “#BravoTrump,” just as a cheerleader would.

The ad underscores that while Donald Trump pushes terrible policies, such pushing Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would have resulted in increased premiums and eliminated access to healthcare for millions of Americans, including those with pre-existing conditions, Salazar encourages him.

“La Animadora de Trump” Exact Transcript: “[Male voice] Maria Elvira Salazar. Trump’s greatest cheerleader. Praising him. “Go Trump!”. An ally of his “Go Trump!”


Meanwhile, Trump attempts to eliminate millions’ access to healthcare and raise our premiums.

Maria “Go Trump!” Salazar encouraged him. Enough with Trump’s cheerleaders.

We need a leader. Donna Shalala. Working to better healthcare.

Shalala has the strength to face Trump and achieve big things for us…

[Donna Shalala voice] I am Donna Shalala, and I approve this message.”