Donna Shalala


October 4, 2018

Mike Hernandez, 305-332-0754


Donna Shalala for Congress launches New Ad on Opponent’s Trump-like Agenda

Donna Shalala challenges Republican candidate Maria Elvira Salazar’s political agenda to strip away health care and implement Trump policies

Today Donna Shalala for Congress launched a new ad, “Limelight,” that exposes TV celebrity and Republican candidate Maria Elvira Salazar’s Trump-like agenda. The ad highlights Salazar’s inexperience and love for the limelight, similar to President Trump’s penchant for attention. Like Trump, Salazar’s political agenda facilitates destructive policies that would potentially straddle millions of Floridians and Americans with rising healthcare costs.

Donna Shalala leads with a different approach, as she aims to break through the Washington gridlock. Shalala has a proven record working with both parties to deliver results.

Donna E. Shalala has spent her entire life fighting to improve the lives of others. A lifelong Democrat, and the former president of the University of Miami, she has advocated tirelessly for women’s rights, civil rights, increased access to health care, better education and schools and a clean, sustainable environment. She is the longest serving HHS Secretary in U.S. history. Donna has lived in Pinecrest and Coral Gables for 17 years and is unapologetic in her love for South Florida’s natural beauty, its rich culture, and its diverse people.


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