Donna Shalala


Serious and complex problems deserve more than bluster and threats from President Trump, they require experienced leadership that seeks to implement intelligent solutions. There is nothing we can’t solve if we get over the partisan squabbling, focus on the real issues and put the well-being of people first.


As the longest serving Secretary of Health and Human Services and as the former President of the University of Miami, Donna Shalala knows that our children’s success depends on their teacher’s success. To raise the level of education in Miami and across Florida, we must:

  • Ensure schools are safe, supportive places to learn.
  • Strengthen government funding and support of public schools.
  • Better prepare, support, and elevate teachers.
  • Raise teachers’ pay.
  • Universal early childhood education.

We must also tackle the crushing debt which so many of our students become saddled with after graduating college. To start, students should be able to attend public and community colleges without taking on student debt. Those who already have debt from school – nearly 40 million Americans – should be able to refinance at today’s low rates. And we need to develop more public service loan forgiveness programs that eliminate or reduce the debt for those people who are serving their communities and their country.


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