Donna Shalala


Serious and complex problems deserve more than bluster and threats from President Trump, they require experienced leadership that seeks to implement intelligent solutions. There is nothing we can’t solve if we get over the partisan squabbling, focus on the real issues and put the well-being of people first.

Gun Control

Donna Shalala is calling for immediate action to reduce gun violence in our country.

She was part of the team that pushed the 1994 assault weapons ban, and knows that we can do it again. In addition to banning assault weapons, she believes in expanding background checks by closing the gun show, internet sales, and “Charleston” loopholes, and increasing access to mental health services.

Beyond legislative solutions, Americans can also help move our country towards common sense gun reform by pressuring Wall Street and large institutional investors to divest themselves from gun manufacturer stocks. It would encourage these companies, along with the National Rifle Association, to come to the table and agree to work in good faith towards reasonable steps that would reduce gun violence in our country. Socially responsible investing often involves funds that take into account human rights abuses and environmental concerns. Funds that exclude gun manufacturer stocks should be available too.

Donna Shalala supports the Second Amendment and comes from a family of hunters. Law-abiding Americans should have access to firearms for sporting and self-defense. This is about common sense measures to prevent more tragedies from happening.

The only way these and other common sense gun control measures will come to fruition is with your help. Now is the time to join Team Donna. Work with us to mobilize, to create real change, and to make sure our views are represented in Washington.

Donna Shalala is inspired by the nationwide movement that has sprung forth from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy. She has long understood the power of the collective voice. It is time for bold, fearless action to defend our youth from gun violence. With your support and Donna Shalala’s leadership, we can make Miami-Dade a safer place to live, work, and learn.


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