Maria Elvira Salazar Lies in first Campaign Ad in Effort to Deceive Voters

Maria Elvira Salazar’s first TV ad “offers no evidence for the claim and doesn’t explain it.”

Maria Elvira Salazar is intentionally deceiving voters by repeatedly making false, defamatory accusations and offering no proof when questioned about it.

As the Miami Herald reports, “the ad, which seeks to introduce Salazar to voters and attack Shalala, offers no evidence for the claim and doesn’t explain it.” The ad in question makes a patently false claim that Shalala enriched herself off coronavirus.

The Miami Herald additionally reports that Salazar “repeated the accusation in an interview with CBS Miami on Sunday, but she did not offer proof for it.” 

In response to this ridiculous claim, Donna Shalala for Congress sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Salazar campaign, demanding that they immediately take down the ad and stop misleading voters. The ad falsely attributes this claim to several news articles, but not one of these articles supports this defamatory claim.