Miami Herald Calls Shalala “Invaluable” in Glowing Endorsement

Today, the Miami Herald published a glowing endorsement of Donna Shalala, highlighting Shalala’s  invaluable “wealth of experience” and calling her a “healthcare pro.”

The endorsement explains, “Shalala has a wealth of experience — as a cabinet secretary, the president of two universities and, now, as a member of Congress — that should not be lost. Her knowledge of a range of pressing issues, especially healthcare and, better still, her ability to work toward practical solutions are invaluable.”

It continues, “Shalala’s experience running large government agencies and large institutions will be invaluable as Congress tries to help America recover from the coronavirus pandemic. She played a major role in shaping initial COVID-relief legislation and is already a member of the powerful House Committee on Rules and the Committee on Education and Labor — all crucial as the recovery gets underway. Shalala’s savvy and political know-how should continue to serve the district and help, as they say, bring home the bacon.”

Maria Elvira Salazar, on the other hand, according to the Miami Herald, “was not ready for such a big job” when she first ran in 2018, and “Up against a powerhouse such as Shalala, she still isn’t.”