Donna Shalala

Let’s Re-Secure Our Right to Choose

A woman’s right to choose is under attack in this country. The most extreme conservative legislators in several states would like to take us back decades and tell women they are no longer in control of their own bodies. They’re threatening to lock up those who have abortions and the doctors who provide them.


It’s well past time to codify the rights we won under Roe v. Wade. That’s why I’ve cosponsored a bill called the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance, or the EACH Woman Act of 2019. It calls for equal access to abortion coverage for women, no matter the state in which they live, and requires federal funded programs, such as the Affordable Care Act, to provide coverage for abortions under Medicare and Medicaid.


As a college RA, one afternoon when I returned home to the dorm, I found one of my residents on the floor, surrounded by a pool of her own blood — the result of a shoddy abortion procedure. That event would become the driving force in my decades long, and still ongoing, fight for women’s reproductive rights.


Neither a woman’s income level, nor her type of insurance, should prevent her from having access to a full range of pregnancy-related care, including the right to abortion services. The right to choose isn’t just about the right to have an abortion – it’s about a woman’s right to choose her health and wellbeing above all else. And, more importantly, that choice should be made by a woman without interference from smug politicians who think they know better.


That young woman in the dorm survived thanks to the quick work of first responders, but many others just like her didn’t make it. And that’s exactly why we need legislation like the EACH Woman Act.


Say you’ll stand with me, and together we will fight to re-secure a woman’s right to choose today and every day in the future. Make a secure donation at:


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