Donna Shalala


October 5, 2018

Mike Hernandez, 305-332-0754


Donna Shalala Demands Transparency and Respect for Voters

Why is Maria Elvira Salazar misleading voters?

After misleading voters by publicly announcing the “endorsement” of former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe Vélez, which the former President adamantly refuted, Maria Elvira Salazar disrespected voters yet again by sending out a dishonest press release about her debate participation.

Debates are critical for voters to understand the positions each candidate has regarding important issues such as healthcare, gun reform, education and immigration. While Donna Shalala has accepted nine debates and forums, Salazar continues to drag her feet.

On three separate occasions, Salazar failed to accept debate invitations with Radio Caracol. Instead, Donna Shalala – who had accepted the invitation – was interviewed alone on the station on October 2. The WPLG debate on This Week in South Florida with Michael Putney and Glenna Milberg was postponed twice at Salazar’s request and was rescheduled for October 28 — a point in the election when most voters would have already cast their ballot. Both candidates were invited to participate in a healthcare debate on that same network on September 23, and while Donna Shalala eagerly participated, Salazar refused.

“I believe in democracy, and because of that, I believe all candidates who appear on the ballot should debate and discuss the issues that concern community members before they vote on Election Day,” said Donna Shalala. “Voters deserve to know where their candidates stand, and they deserve someone with the qualifications necessary to be their voice and get things done in Congress.”


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