Salazar Deceives Voters, Violates Campaign Finance Law

Salazar is hiding key donor information from voters in financial disclosures

Maria Elvira Salazar has repeatedly failed to include donors’ employer and occupational information in her campaign finance disclosures, potentially violating federal law and deceiving voters along the way.

Based on a review of Salazar for Congress’ public Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, every report filed by the Salazar campaign fails to disclose the employer and occupation of all of its contributors. This employer and occupation information is critical to allowing voters to understand the special interests that may be bankrolling her campaign, possibly in order to gain access and influence.

In response to Salazar for Congress’ continued failure to provide accurate disclosures, even after repeated requests from the FEC, and in support of increased transparency for the voters of Florida’s 27th Congressional District, an official complaint was filed by Juan-Carlos Planas, a resident of Florida’s 27th congressional district and former Republican Florida State Representative.

The FEC has served the Salazar campaign with a “Request for Additional Information” (“RFAI”) for each deficient report, but the campaign has not addressed these omissions in subsequent amended filings.

As the complaint explains, “For example, the report SFC filed for the third quarter of 2019 contains legally insufficient information for at least one hundred thirty-three (133) contributions from no fewer than ninety-one (91) different individuals. The contributions from these persons total no less than $283,200.00.”

The complaint goes on to say, “The incomplete and disorderly filings submitted by SFC also suggest that it may have received contributions from individuals in excess of the legal maximum of $2,800 per election.” It continues, “[The Salazar campaign’s] continued failure to provide accurate disclosures, even after repeated requests from Commission regulators, demonstrates a total disregard for federal campaign finance laws and only serves to further undermine the public’s trust in the integrity of American elections and the rule of law in the United States.”

“Salazar continues her campaign of dishonesty and hypocrisy” said Raul Martinez, Campaign Manager for Donna Shalala for Congress. “What is Maria Elvira Salazar hiding?”