Salazar Tries to Dupe Voters on Healthcare

Maria Elvira Salazar continues to lie and mislead voters about her healthcare plan – or lack thereof. In the middle of a pandemic, when it comes to healthcare, she stands with Trump.

Like Trump, Salazar has offered almost no specifics on her healthcare plan, and she refuses to take a stand on an ongoing Republican lawsuit to strip healthcare from 1.75 million Floridians and nearly 100,000 residents of Florida’s 27th Congressional District.

This flip-flopping is nothing new for Salazar, who has repeatedly hid from voters on the issues that matter most. According to the Miami Herald, “[Salazar’s] own stance on healthcare, much like her positions on guns or the environment, leaves plenty to the imagination.”

“By offering no plan and refusing to take a stand, Maria Elvira Salazar confirms that she’ll do anything to get elected, even if it means taking away the healthcare of Floridians,” said Raul Martinez, campaign manager for Donna Shalala for Congress. “Donna Shalala will continue fighting for the healthcare of her constituents and all Americans, like she has done throughout her career.”