Statement on Last Night’s Presidential Debate

Raul Martinez, Campaign Manager for Donna Shalala for Congress, issued the following statement in response to the last night’s “debate”:

Maria Elvira Salazar has confirmed her support for Trump numerous times in the past two weeks, including attending a rally for the openly racist Trump.

Trump refused to condemn white supremacists, instead calling on them to “stand by” as if they should await his instructions.
Trump said again he might not accept the results of the election, amplifying fears he won’t leave office if he loses.
Yet again, Maria Elvira Salazar supports Trump as he tears the country apart. Last night, Trump alarmingly told the Proud Boy to “stand back and stand by.” In her 2018 campaign, Salazar refused to denounce this extremist, white supremacy group. Will she continue to remain silent? Will she continue to stand with Trump and his climate change denial, as sea level rise erodes both our beaches and our way of life? Will she continue to stand with Trump as he attacks our elections and democratic system?