Donna Shalala


Serious and complex problems deserve more than bluster and threats from President Trump, they require experienced leadership that seeks to implement intelligent solutions. There is nothing we can’t solve if we get over the partisan squabbling, focus on the real issues and put the well-being of people first.



Inadequate and outdated transportation infrastructure is crippling to the long-term viability of our community, hampering the economy and undermining the quality of life of Miami-Dade residents.

Donna Shalala is committed to promoting innovative solutions to help alleviate traffic concerns and will fight for the resources to improve local infrastructure – including roads, bridges, mass transit options, airports and seaports – allowing efficient movement of people and goods throughout our region.

Donna Shalala will work to bring federal dollars back to Miami-Dade County. She will lead efforts to prioritize and focus on transportation infrastructure in the federal budget that for too long as been ignored. The residents of Miami-Dade County deserve a world-class transportation system. Efforts include:

  • Expanding local trolley routes
  • Implementing Bus Rapid Transit along US1
  • Increasing reliability and expand the Metrorail
  • Investing in high tech road technology like synchronizing traffic lights to improve efficiency

Delivering those federal transit dollars to Miami-Dade requires engaged leadership to bring all the local stakeholders together – the county, the cities, transportation experts, budgetary experts – to improve coordination and efficiency.

She has a proven track record of doing just that. Donna Shalala is a trained urbanist with expertise on state/urban government and finance, and early in her career served as treasurer of New York City’s Municipal Assistance Corporation, the organization that helped rescue the city from the brink of bankruptcy. She later worked extensively on urban issues while serving as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

As President of the University of Miami, Donna Shalala worked to mitigate traffic congestion in Coral Gables by overseeing policies prohibiting on-campus freshmen from bringing cars and the disbursement of millions of dollars in subsidies for transit fares to encourage students, faculty, and staff to use public transportation. Transportation is a regional issue and we need a long-term vision of a system that connects all of the people of South Florida without regard to city and county boundaries.


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