Trump’s “Indispensable Man in Congress” to Campaign with Salazar Wednesday

October 23, 2018
María Casado, 786-543-9385,

McCarthy denies climate change science, supports Medicare cuts, blocks gun control

CORAL GABLES, FL.- President Trump’s right-hand man in Washington, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, will be in Miami on Wednesday to fundraise with Maria Elvira Salazar. McCarthy, once dubbed “Trump’s indispensable man in Congress”, is a climate change denier, supporter of cutting social security, Medicare and Medicaid and against gun control.

“Maria Elvira says she believes in climate change and supports banning assault weapons yet she’s campaigning with one of Congress’s biggest climate deniers and NRA enablers,” said Shalala campaign manager, Will Washington. “Kevin McCarthy’s extreme agenda in Washington is devastating for families across this district. He’s here this week because he knows that despite her rhetoric, Maria Elvira would vote in lockstep with the same Congressional Republicans who voted to rip away health care coverage from millions and continue to block a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers.”

McCarthy’s visit comes days after McCarthy and his rightwing allies in Washington announced $1.5 million in negative ad spending in the 27thDistrict. Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy, and Congressional Republicans know that Salazar will be another vote for their extreme agenda that discriminates against people with pre-existing conditions, cuts Medicare, allows drug companies to raise prices with impunity and fights any effort to deal with the growing threat of climate change.

“Salazar should level with voters: does she support the McCarthy Republican budget that cuts Medicare and social security?” Washington asked. “Does she agree with McCarthy’s stance on climate change? Will she vote to take away health care from thousands of people in this district? Voters will see the difference between her words and her actions.”



  • McCarthy doubts climate change science, saying “there are a lot of items to contribute to it.”
  • The House Republican budget released in June makes deep cuts to Medicareand Social Security.
  • In September 2015, McCarthy told Fox Newsthat Republicans set up the Select Committee on Benghazi to bring down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers.
  • McCarthy’s family receivedmillions in no-bid contracts by dubiously claiming Native American status
  • The Washington Postcalled McCarthy “Trump’s indispensable man in Congress.”
  • Earlier this month, McCarthy filed a billto fully fund Trump’s irresponsible border wall.