Donna Shalala


October 5, 2018

Mike Hernandez, 305-332-0754


The former President and current Senator of Colombia Alvaro Uribe assured that he did not endorse María Elvira Salazar

Miami – At a minimum, former journalist and current Republican candidate for Congress Maria Elvira Salazar attempted to mislead District 27 voters by using a video of the former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe for political purposes. Maria Elvira Salazar manipulated the information, and distributed the video as an advertisement throughout the media presumably as evidence that President Uribe supported her candidacy against Donna Shalala.

Through a statement to the public in Spanish which has been translated by the Shalala campaign below, President Uribe explained that the candidate misused the video and expressed:

“In recent days, I sent a message of appreciation to the journalist, Maria Elvira Salazar, for her career and gratitude for her solidarity. The intention was to highlight my friendship and admiration for the journalist and extol her success and professional rigor. We have been alerted that the message has been used for political purposes in the campaign to benefit her advancement for Congress of the United States. I reiterate that the messages sent by me, to people in their official capacity, do not represent political support, but rather a tightening of fraternal relationships.”

The statement continues, “The Democratic Center party and myself reiterate our commitment to maintain respectful and bipartisan diplomatic relations, with the congressmen and candidates in the United States, without any preference in the elections.”


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