Donna Shalala on the Economy


Donna Shalala sobre la economía

Supporters tell us why they know Donna is the right choice for Florida's 27th District.

¿Comandante? ¡Para de mentir María Elvira! ¿Un honor?, ¿No tienes vergüenza? ¡Basta Ya María Elvira!

Maria "Bravo Trump" Salazar.

We need a leader in Washington, ready to go on day one - not another television celebrity.

Together, we can do BIG things!

Donna champions health care issues during an interview with Channel 10.

Donna will always fight to make life better for families and to give everyone a chance at the American Dream.

Donna Shalala will fight for what's right: fixing our broken immigration system, improving schools, and creating jobs.

Washington politicians are playing games with our health care. But Donna Shalala knows health care isn't kids' stuff.

Donna Shalala wants to make sure every child gets a great education. As a university president, she made available more scholarships and raised academic standards. Now, she's focusing on improving public schools, pushing for more investment in vocational training, and making college more affordable.

Donna on Ahora con Oscar Haza discussing the future of America and her concern for the residents of Florida's 27th District.

Donna is the granddaughter of hard-working immigrants who came to this country for a better life. That's why she'll never stop fighting to give everyone that shot for the American Dream.

Donna es la nieta de inmigrantes trabajadores que vinieron a este país para una vida mejor. Es por eso que nunca dejará de luchar para dar a todos los que dispararon por el Sueño Americano.

Gun Reform Now!

Want to know why Donna Shalala is the most qualified progressive candidate to represent Florida’s 27th District in Washington? Check out our first ad to know why she is READY TO DELIVER ON DAY ONE!

¿Quiere saber por qué Donna Shalala es la candidata progresista mejor capacitada para representar al Distrito 27 en Washington? ¡Mire nuestro primer anuncio y sabrá por qué ella NOS TRAERA RESULTADOS DESDE EL PRIMER DÍA!

Donna Shalala for Congress Announcement Video

Anuncio Donna Shalala para el Congreso

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